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Processing Fruit & Vegetables

Future Glory produce comes in a wide variety of packaged fresh vegetables and fruits. We are also expanding into packaged dried fruits with our factory in Bago region.

Products include pineapple, quince, strawberry, tomato, carrot, snow pea, and seven types of lettuce.

We wash our vegetables with water, and in less than 60 minutes, it is 100% dry and ready for packing, labelling and storage in a cold room.

Fruit processing is all done at the farm in a clean environment with staff following strict regulations.

Dried products_edited.jpg

We sort the size, box them into cartons and containers, and ship from the field within three days.

Our organic products are distributed to local modern outlets, such as City Mart, Aeon Orange, Green Hill, and Makro Wholesale. We also sell directly to leading restaurant chains such as YKKO.

Future Glory is GAP and organic certified and our products are free from added sugar, chemicals and preservatives, and are mainly targeted at health-conscious consumers. We market primarily on social media and our sales activities are directly to customers and wholesale.


From mid-2020, we exported a few select products to overseas customers, such as fresh mango to Singapore and Dubai, and chili to Malaysia. Export sales contributed 30-40% of total sales validating the quality of our products and highlighting the potential for Myanmar agri-products in the international market.

In 2022, export sales contributed to 90% of total Future Glory product sales. We also have interest from six new distributors in Asian and western countries.

Our main export product is rice. We export five varieties – parboiled, white, Tun Pu, Paw San, and B12.

We ensure each shipment is inspected prior to departure. All our exports are free on board (FOB). We are 100% committed to happy customers and to our valued farmers and staff.


Growth and Plans

In 2020–2021, our annual growth rate was 9.6%. The growing organic market is expected to be 15% at compound annual growth rate (CAGR) by 2022. We plan to grow Future Glory’s market size through upgraded quality control, management, and farmer training.

We are focused on long term relationships and delivering the best pricing. We have long established experience in paperwork and documentation. Our team is well versed in Burmese, English, Chinese, and Thai. To date we have good relationships in Singapore, Croatia, Dubai, China, and India.

We pride ourselves on our exceptional service culture. We are good listeners. We like long term business and value relationships. We understand customer needs and are open to finding solutions.

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