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Model Farm

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Model Farm in Shan State

Shan State is a vegetable and horticulture hub. Using the same approach as Kayin State, we set up a model farm and trained farmers in Heho, Kalaw and Pindaya to shift from traditional farming to high value produce.

We also provide quality seeds from the Dutch specialist horticultural company, Rijk Zwaan, to grow a diverse range of vegetables. The high fertility of the land and climate and our dedicated 17 farmers, grow our lettuce range – green lolo, red lolo, green oak, red oak, romaine, batavia, and iceberg, and other vegetables.

Kalaw is a hill station only 50 km from Inle Lake, an area blessed with cool air and sunshine. Farms stretch through the rolling hills, connecting tribal villages, wooden farmhouses and home gardens. Pindaya also offers homestays for Buddhist pilgrims making their way to the limestone caves, an important Buddhist sanctuary.

Our delicious pineapples are sourced from Hsipaw mountain village in northern Shan State on the banks of the Duthawadi River.

We contract Pin Lon Min Tha Mee factory in Taunggyi, Shan State’s largest city, to process and can our pineapples, and produce our juice and dried fruits. In the future, we plan to establish a factory to process our own produce.

Mangoes grow across this region. They are known in Myanmar as the king of fruits. Harvest starts with the first rains, stretching over a three-month period from May to July. We work with Unique Lawksawk Mango company that sources Sein ta lone (“diamond”) mangoes from over 40 farmers.

Shan State mangoes are excellent quality. Each mango is protected by a paper bag, washed, and carefully wrapped for export markets in Singapore and Dubai. Harvesting the dock takes three days.

Our Exports from Shan State

  • Lettuce range (Green Lolo, Red Lolo, Green Oak, Red Oak, Romaine, Batavia, Iceberg) to markets in Singapore and Dubai

  • Sein ta lone mangoes, highly regarded for their flavour and fragrance, and rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Popular export to Singapore and Dubai

  • Hsipaw pineapples are very sweet, sourced from Golden Pineapple Co. Ltd. and exported to Singapore as canned, dry, and fresh fruit

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Oak Tha Kan Village Farm

Our demonstration farm in Oak Tha Kan village, Heho town, in southern Shan State grows lettuce, cherry tomato, carrot, and zucchini. We also grow the most delicious strawberries in full sun and enriched loam soils with organic compost and manure.

Our plants thrive with the temperate climate and our irrigation system, enabling us to harvest almost three tons of produce throughout the year.

We train our farmers in the use of polytunnels and provide quality seeds. The uptake of organic farming has shifted farmers from producing poor quality crops to accessing higher value markets and higher incomes.

Mo Kham from Shan State attended our training about organic agriculture and put her learnings into practice. Currently we are buying all her crops every week, and her income has increased by 20%- 30%.

“We were able to get a tent [poly-tunnel] from Future Glory. And they gave us seedlings to grow without having to buy tomato seeds. We only had to grow them. In addition, they came and offered us two kinds of lettuce seedlings. Then we planted them in the tent by ourselves. When you get the training from Future Glory, you can save a lot of money because you know how to make the organic fertilizer all by yourself. When chemicals are used for farming, the soil becomes hardened. But that’s not the case with organic fertilizer. ​

The problem is: will the produce [lettuce] be all sold out? Or only on limited scales? And then there is a problem with budget. We want a stable price. We do not want the price to go down.”

– Ms. Mo Mo Kham, Shan farmer

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